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3D Gallery Test

-Description of Gallery will go here-
Clicking on an image when you are in the 3DS browser will open it as a 3D image, from there you can save the image to your SD card. Clicking a picture while on a computer will enlarge the image. DA Gallery link
Translation text will probably go here if it doesn't mess with the layout of them too much. One more line should do it
Translation text will probably go here if it doesn't mess with the layout of them too much. One more line should do it
Translation text will probably go here if it doesn't mess with the layout of them too much. One more line should do it
Translation text will probably go here if it doesn't mess with the layout of them too much. One more line should do it
Translation text will probably go here if it doesn't mess with the layout of them too much. One more line should do it
Translation text will probably go here if it doesn't mess with the layout of them too much. One more line should do it
Translation text will probably go here if it doesn't mess with the layout of them too much. One more line should do it
Translation text will probably go here if it doesn't mess with the layout of them too much. One more line should do it
Translation text will probably go here if it doesn't mess with the layout of them too much. One more line should do it


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Translation Index

This page is to keep translations organized and will be updated whenever I do a new translations

Recent Updates:
*10/29 - Added Gallery section in preparation for release
*11/8 - Added Day 1 Gallery
*11/11 - Added Gallery 2

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Tweet Translations:
とびだせ どうぶつの森


Full recorded stream 10-8-12

Japanese Site Translations:


Overview of the Preview

Famitsu DS+Wii gave a little booklet with some hints and overview of the game, even some spots to fill in information on your own about characters, villagers, bugs, fish, fossils, etc. 

There was an 18 page preview and this is a summary/translation of what was included

Circle pad to move

Run with B (also with L or R)

A is to do various actions
-shake trees
-use tools
-investigate things
-Talk to animals
-Open doors
-Read the billboard
-Hold A and use the circle pad to move furniture in your house

Y button
-Pick up objects
-Pick flowers
-Pull weeds
-Pick up furniture
-Fill in a hole

L+R will take screenshots


Because it's such an open and free lifestyle, it explains the basics for people who don't know what the should be doing

-Things you can do anywhere-

=Talk with the villagers=
From chit-chats to useful information, tons of different types of topics.
If you become friends with the villagers, you can be invited over to their house or even receive letters from them.

-Sometimes they will tell you things that will help you

""Use your shovel and try digging where there is a suspicious looking star on the ground!""
-Can be asked to do things for them, if you do them, they will give you something to say thank you
""I really want to eat some fruit right now! Could you bring me a fruit? doesn't matter what kind.""
-When talking to villagers, their expectation level will rise, raising your "Mayor Points"
This will have an effect on you public works, so be sure to collect them
""Shizue: From the new mayor survey, you've reached...100 points!""

=Collecting Items=

You can pick fruits growing on trees by shaking trees and pick up items off the ground. Lots of things to collect in the village. The items you pick up can be sold at a store to build up some cash.

Awhile after fruits are picked, new ones will grow on the tree. Snag them and sell them off.

Even if there is no fruit, there is a chance items or bells can fall, but there is also a chance a bees hive can drop as well.

You can pick up shells and coral along the shoreline. What items you can get depends on the location.

=Checking Letters in the Mail=
There are times when letters will arrive in your mailbox outside your house.
There are also letters with presents attached so be sure to check your mailbox.

Be aware if your mailbox is full then you can no longer receive letters

You can use stationary to write a letter and choose who to send it to. Take your letters to the post office to have them sent out.
You can also attach presents to your letters.

=Start of the game=
1) The game begins with you on a train. A warm welcome awaits for you in your new village.
You are confused with someone else and suddenly appointed mayor!

2) They start talking about how you need a place to live before you can start you job as mayor, so now you need to pick where to build your house.
You walk around the village with Tanukichi and pick a location.

-Note- Before you pick a location you can hear little info like, "It's close to the shopping center so a convenient location" or, "There's a river near by so a good spot for people who love to fish or nature!"

3)Your first job.
After you pick your house, you will return back to city hall and get started on your first job. After you place the village's symbol tree is when your open and free village life begins.

You can hear advice from Shizue in city hall that will be helpful to your village life. If you're not sure what to do, try asking Shizue.

The symbol tree will grow as the village develops.

4) You may have picked a place to live, but you will first be living in a tent. You have to pay a deposit before construction can even start.
So first need to find ways to earn cash in the village to gather enough for the deposit.

Sell the items you've collected for cash!
Recycle shop will buy items from you.

First gather some fruit and shells till you earn enough to buy tools like a net or shovel and use those.

If you buy tools, the amount of items you can collect will increase, making it easier to earn money.

5) After you pay the deposit, your house will be finished the next day and your house life can finally begin.
After you get support from the villagers, you can start you job as mayor. This is where building your village really starts.


-City hall-
Open 24hrs
Things you can do here:
-Develop the village through public works
-Change/set village rules
-Create the village melody

If you pick, "Village that doesn't sleep," you can extend the hours of shops to stay open till late at night
(9am to 11pm >> 9am to 2am)

After a project is finished, the villagers and you will throw a commemorative ceremony.

One way to speed up completion of a project is call a friend over to your village and have them donate. If you have a lot of friends help out, should be close to finishing a project in no time.

Joan comes every Sunday morning selling turnips.
Sell these at the recycle shop. Price changes everyday so try to sell when the price is higher than when you bought them. Turnips only last 1 week.

-Fishing tournament-
Take the fish you catch to Chip. If you bring the largest fish then you will win a prize.
You can bring him as many fish as you want before time is up. He will tell you little known facts about the fish you bring him."

Oct 25 to Current

Oct 25
"Everyone!! Good morning!!!
Turnip prices went to 409 bells!!!!!
We gotta sell them right?!"
Oct 25
"Times like this you really want to let your best friends know, right?
If you are best friends, then you can chat online together without leaving your village, easily use chat for things from casual conversations to meet ups, so it's really convenient"

Oct 25th
"My best friends are coming one after another to sell their turnips!
If they go sight-seeing while there are here, the village will liven up and everyone will be happy."
Oct 25
"We will be opening "Nintendo Village" on November 8th.
In "Nintendo Village" you can check out a village that has a Nintendo like design to it and snag some patterns related to Nintendo characters, so come pay us a visit"
Oct 25 
"You can get a DJ K.K Live T-Shirt through 'Nintendo Village' or the QR code on the Official home page. Please go and enjoy a K.K. performance in Club 444 while wearing this shirt."
Oct 25
"On November 8th we will be giving out a new brand based on Gracie, called "GracieGrace," which will be a complete outfit for the 3DS game, 'GIRLS MODE'"
Oct 25 
"I just saw a shooting star!
And of course I made a wish~!
~I wish everyone has a good dream tonight~"

Oct 26
"Good morning, everyooone!
Did you have a good dream last night?!
By the way, this morning I got a letter and present from Wishy the Star~
I wonder if it's because I made a wish?"

Oct 26
"Speaking of dreams, recently the Relaxation Salon has been a hot topic. There you can have dreams of many different villages.
It's not just about having dreams but you can also have others dream of your village too!
I gotta talk with the new mayor when they get here!"

<<Previous Tweets                                                                                     Next Set of Tweets>> 

October 15th-24th

Oct 15th 
"Everyooone! How was your weekend? We had a fishing tournament here in our village on Saturday.
Fishing tournament take place every month from January to May and from October to December!
You can win a prize if you snag a large fish, so everyone should go and enter a tournament too!"
 Oct 15th 
"Nadia, one of the villagers who just moved in, is a kind of like a reliable older sister.
So much so that not long after she moved here, that adult-like Brenda came to her with her problems seeking advice.
The guys in the village love her too, calling her 'Sis! (Aneki)'"
Oct 16th 
"Hello everyooone!
This morning I saw someone digging for fossils! Fossils can be checked at the museum.
You can donate them right there or sell them to a shop, it really depends on the person, but something that's been popular recently is gathering dinosaur fossils and having them remade into miniature figures"
Oct 16th 
"E-everyoooone!! I have some big news!
Someone just found an emerald a little bit ago!! Even have a picture to prove it!
To think there weren't just fossils buried but minerals as well...The village is still full of wonders!"
Oct 17th 
"Good morning everyooone!
This morning I did quite a bit of walking, so I thought about getting a fortune cookie at Mametsubu's shop but another customer had already beaten me to it! Fortune cookies are a really popular item~!"
Oct 17th 
"By the way, you can buy fortune cookies for 2 3DS game coins!
Snacks after a workout are the best!
You can also trade the fortunes inside for rare items so they are really quite a deal."
Oct 18th 
"Hello everyooone!
Right now I'm taking a little break and drinking some coffee I ordered to go from the Cafe!
The coffee today's part-timer made was just how I like it, it was so good!"
Oct 19th 
"Everyoooone! This week went by so fast.
Today I saw this tent in town square. I see it every now and then but I wonder what goes on inside...I'll go take a quick peek."
Oct 19th 
"Inside was a shop called "Fox Gallery," that sells famous paintings and sculptures. It seems the shop owner, Tsunekichi, doesn't have a set schedule for when he opens shop, so if you happen to see him, don't forget to stop in. But there's also rumors about counterfeit pieces being sold in there as well, so make sure you really look over a piece before you buy."
Oct 22st
"Everyoooone! Let's give it our all this week!
Ah that's right, yesterday the turnip seller Joan was here.
Turnip prices change everyday so you can make quite a profit if you sell them when their worth is higher than when you bought them.
The price of one turnip was 93 bells, what will it be this week?!"
Oct 22nd 
"I just saw the famous designer Gracie!
Recently she's been expanding more and more, like by opening boutiques in department stores~!
I hope that she will open a shop when our village gets a department store~ "
Oct 23rd
"Good morning everyooone!
This morning some fruit arrived from my mom back home.
All fruits are delicious but fruits local to the village are the only ones that will sometimes grow to be extra delicious.
They look a little different as well so try looking for some!"
 Oct 23
"I went to the post office to send a letter to my mom to thank her for the fruit.
Pelly used to work at city hall but left just before I started, so we've never worked together.
She always carries out her job energetically and with a smile.
I wish I was more like her!"
Oct 24th
"Good morning everyoooone! This morning there was a sailor who had collapsed on the beach...
They lost their memory due to shock and forgot where they were headed, but with the help of a kind stranger, they managed to remember. Thank goodness!"
 Oct 24th
"Turnip prices this afternoon were at 144 bells!
The villagers are getting antsy, thinking the price might go up even more around tomorrow morning...!"

<<Previous Tweets                                                                                             Next Set of Tweets>>

October 5th to October 12th

Oct 5
"Nice to meet you everyooone!
My name is Shizue! I'll be introducing a bit of this and that for AC:NL.
I'll try my best to convey to those thinking of moving to our village the tons of pleasures village life can bring. "
Oct 5
"Right now our village doesn't have a mayor, but we plan on having one come soon! I can't wait to meet them.
On a side note, our previous Mayor, Kotobuki, is living a pretty easy life now on the south island working as a tour guide.  I want to go on a vacation too~!"
Oct 9
"Everyooone! How was you're 3 day weekend?
I took a little day trip to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery .
Taking 3D pictures with the 3DS camera is popular right now in the village.
You should all snap a bunch of pictures of village scenery too"

Oct 9
"Today I ordered a seedling for the village symbol tree to in the village plaza from Lazy in the garden shop!
While I was telling him my order, he looked like he was about to fall asleep...Is he gonna be OK?!"

Oct 10
"Good morning, everyooone! This morning when I was walking on the beach, I saw someone diving!
They dove like a pro and snagged a delicious looking oyster! They also looked great in their wet suit they bought on the island."
Oct 10
"I bought some candy in preparation for Halloween!
I went in the store all pumped and said, "Mamekichi! I would like some candy please!"
but then he told me, "I'm Tsubukichi!"...
I'm a twin too, but unlike us, it is really hard to tell them apart..."

Oct 11 
"Good morning everyooone!
When mid October comes around it really gets chilly in the morning and at night!
I wonder if I should go to the tailors to check out some winter clothes
Long sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves, one piece dresses, skirts, shorts, pants...
Really looking forward to dressing up to match the seasons"
Oct 11 
"During my lunch break I went to the tailors looking for some winter clothes.
Found some amazing pants, tried them on and wore them home, forgetting I was only on my lunch break...
Ended up having to go back to city hall and change."
Oct 12th 
"Everyoooone! It's the weekend now, do you have any plans? I'm going to eat dinner with my younger twin brother Kent tonight. Kent works at the Housing Display area! there you can check out the model houses you've collected from streetpassing people, so I can't wait till I streetpass someone too!"
Oct 12th 
"Kent sent me a picture of inside the housing display area so everyone could see. You can not only check out the model homes inside but order the furniture you like right there. Hope for your support for 'Happy Homes Expo Center'"

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Animal Crossing New Leaf - Q&A Translation

 One village can be made on a single card. Including the first player, who will become the mayor,        there can be at the most 4 villagers in total (players.)
 Can you play together on the same card at once?
 Players who live in the same village cannot play at the same time. If you connect to the internet you can play with friends, by going to their village or having them come to yours. You can also play on the island with other player around the country.
 How many player houses can you build in a single village?
 In one village, 4 players can build their own house.
 How do you set in-game clock to the correct time?
 Start up the game and if you select, "Set the clock" in, "Other," then the date and time can then be set.
 You are able to use up to 6 letters*

 They cannot. The first player will become the mayor.  If players 2 through 4 want to be the mayor, it is possible by moving to another copy of "Animal Crossing: New Leaf," and there they can become the mayor of a new village. 

 The pictures you take will be saved onto the SD card and can be viewed through 'Nintendo 3DS Camera.' You wont use the pictures in the game itself.

 They will increase as you progress through the game. 

I can't get items like the watering can or sling-shot... For those items to show up in the shops, you must progress the game for a bit. There are also some tools you can get by listening to advice from "Shizue" in city hall.
I can't order stuff from the catalog... The items you order will be sent to your mail box, so if the box it full, you cannot place an order. Please empty your mailbox so new letters can arrive. If doing so still does not let you order, please check the mailboxes of any other players who live in the village and see they are full as well.
What are game coins? It is a feature included in the Nintendo 3DS XL/3DS straight out of the box. If you take your 3DS with you while walk, for every 100 step you will collect 1 game coin. You can get a maximum of 10 coins a day and can save up to 300 coins in total. Are you able move to a friends game? You cannot. You are only able to move to another game if it does not have save data already on it.

 Is there data that is lost when moving?

 When you move, you will be become the mayor of that new village, so information like you village's status and villager data cannot be brought over. Your "Best Friend" information cannot be brought over as well. 

 Is there a way to separate friends between each player?
 The people in your 3DS Friends List will be your "friends," so there is no way to separate them among the players living in the same town. But each player can register them as "Best Friends," allowing them to connect and play only with the one's they want.
 What are 'best friends'?

 If you and the friends you play with locally or online, register each other as "Best Friends," then you and your friends will be able to make it so only "best friends" can come and go to each other's villages. Also, if you are registered as "best friends" then you can use chat even when you are not in the same village together. Each player can have up to 32 best friends.
 Can you become best friends with people you don't know?

 You cannot become best friends with people you are not friends with. You will first have to register each other through the 3DS Friends List, then while you are playing locally or online, you can register each other as best friends.
 Is it possible for people I don't know to come to my village?

 The only people who can come and go to your village are your Nintendo 3DS friends and 'best friends,' or those you play with locally. But if you use the "Dream Mansion," you can go to villages belonging to people you don't know, and people you don't know can go see your village. (It's all a dream so anything that happens will not effect the actual village itself) 

 Nothing is really effected. Doing so will not do anything like cause turnips to go bad or have a negative effect on the village you are going to.
 Does the game support voice chat?

 It does not. You can chat by using the keyboard on the screen.
 When you cannot connect to the internet, it will give you an Error code or Error message. Check here to see how to connect to the internet.
 It does not support any external devices like Bluetooth keyboards.  

 Both contain the exact same content. Information on the Download version can be found here.
 Can you play together with someone who has the package version?

 The content is the same so you can play together with people who have either the download or package version.

 You cannot use it as a way to backup your save data. After you save your data on your SD card to a computer, then continue to play your game and save, the data on your computer can no longer be used.
 Can you use the Download version and Package version on the same 3DS/3DSLL? 

 They are saved separately so you can use one console and create a separate village on each. But if one game gets a streetpass or spotpass, then the other will not. 

 You cannot. "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" does not connect or link together with any of the previous games in the series.--*This is for the Japanese version. Character Name/Village Name limit not confirmed for English release. Animal Crossing: City folk in Japan had up to 6 letters (Hiragana/Katakana) and the English release had up to 8.In the NA Direct trailer showed an 8 letter village, "Sunville".