Saturday, October 27, 2012

Translation Index

This page is to keep translations organized and will be updated whenever I do a new translations

Recent Updates:
*10/29 - Added Gallery section in preparation for release
*11/8 - Added Day 1 Gallery
*11/11 - Added Gallery 2

My Links:
SumwheatMy Youtube: Sumwheat
My Twitter: AC3DS_Sumwheat
My friend's Youtube: Zedamex
Friends Stream Site: Zedamex
*My youtube account is where I translate and subtitle gameplay/trailers
*My twitter is for the Official AC tweet translations, translation updates/news, as well as 3D in-game photos I will take after release.
*My blog is where I will post long/misc translations
*My friend's youtube is where he uploads direct-feed 3DS gameplay he records, and some of them I translate.
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Tweet Translations:
とびだせ どうぶつの森


Full recorded stream 10-8-12

Japanese Site Translations:


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