Thursday, October 25, 2012

Animal Crossing New Leaf - Q&A Translation

 One village can be made on a single card. Including the first player, who will become the mayor,        there can be at the most 4 villagers in total (players.)
 Can you play together on the same card at once?
 Players who live in the same village cannot play at the same time. If you connect to the internet you can play with friends, by going to their village or having them come to yours. You can also play on the island with other player around the country.
 How many player houses can you build in a single village?
 In one village, 4 players can build their own house.
 How do you set in-game clock to the correct time?
 Start up the game and if you select, "Set the clock" in, "Other," then the date and time can then be set.
 You are able to use up to 6 letters*

 They cannot. The first player will become the mayor.  If players 2 through 4 want to be the mayor, it is possible by moving to another copy of "Animal Crossing: New Leaf," and there they can become the mayor of a new village. 

 The pictures you take will be saved onto the SD card and can be viewed through 'Nintendo 3DS Camera.' You wont use the pictures in the game itself.

 They will increase as you progress through the game. 

I can't get items like the watering can or sling-shot... For those items to show up in the shops, you must progress the game for a bit. There are also some tools you can get by listening to advice from "Shizue" in city hall.
I can't order stuff from the catalog... The items you order will be sent to your mail box, so if the box it full, you cannot place an order. Please empty your mailbox so new letters can arrive. If doing so still does not let you order, please check the mailboxes of any other players who live in the village and see they are full as well.
What are game coins? It is a feature included in the Nintendo 3DS XL/3DS straight out of the box. If you take your 3DS with you while walk, for every 100 step you will collect 1 game coin. You can get a maximum of 10 coins a day and can save up to 300 coins in total. Are you able move to a friends game? You cannot. You are only able to move to another game if it does not have save data already on it.

 Is there data that is lost when moving?

 When you move, you will be become the mayor of that new village, so information like you village's status and villager data cannot be brought over. Your "Best Friend" information cannot be brought over as well. 

 Is there a way to separate friends between each player?
 The people in your 3DS Friends List will be your "friends," so there is no way to separate them among the players living in the same town. But each player can register them as "Best Friends," allowing them to connect and play only with the one's they want.
 What are 'best friends'?

 If you and the friends you play with locally or online, register each other as "Best Friends," then you and your friends will be able to make it so only "best friends" can come and go to each other's villages. Also, if you are registered as "best friends" then you can use chat even when you are not in the same village together. Each player can have up to 32 best friends.
 Can you become best friends with people you don't know?

 You cannot become best friends with people you are not friends with. You will first have to register each other through the 3DS Friends List, then while you are playing locally or online, you can register each other as best friends.
 Is it possible for people I don't know to come to my village?

 The only people who can come and go to your village are your Nintendo 3DS friends and 'best friends,' or those you play with locally. But if you use the "Dream Mansion," you can go to villages belonging to people you don't know, and people you don't know can go see your village. (It's all a dream so anything that happens will not effect the actual village itself) 

 Nothing is really effected. Doing so will not do anything like cause turnips to go bad or have a negative effect on the village you are going to.
 Does the game support voice chat?

 It does not. You can chat by using the keyboard on the screen.
 When you cannot connect to the internet, it will give you an Error code or Error message. Check here to see how to connect to the internet.
 It does not support any external devices like Bluetooth keyboards.  

 Both contain the exact same content. Information on the Download version can be found here.
 Can you play together with someone who has the package version?

 The content is the same so you can play together with people who have either the download or package version.

 You cannot use it as a way to backup your save data. After you save your data on your SD card to a computer, then continue to play your game and save, the data on your computer can no longer be used.
 Can you use the Download version and Package version on the same 3DS/3DSLL? 

 They are saved separately so you can use one console and create a separate village on each. But if one game gets a streetpass or spotpass, then the other will not. 

 You cannot. "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" does not connect or link together with any of the previous games in the series.--*This is for the Japanese version. Character Name/Village Name limit not confirmed for English release. Animal Crossing: City folk in Japan had up to 6 letters (Hiragana/Katakana) and the English release had up to 8.In the NA Direct trailer showed an 8 letter village, "Sunville".


  1. If I don't like any of the maps shown to me, can I restart my 3ds before choosing and get a new set of maps or do they stay the same?

    1. Every time you start a 'new game' you will get different maps