Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oct 25 to Current

Oct 25
"Everyone!! Good morning!!!
Turnip prices went to 409 bells!!!!!
We gotta sell them right?!"
Oct 25
"Times like this you really want to let your best friends know, right?
If you are best friends, then you can chat online together without leaving your village, easily use chat for things from casual conversations to meet ups, so it's really convenient"

Oct 25th
"My best friends are coming one after another to sell their turnips!
If they go sight-seeing while there are here, the village will liven up and everyone will be happy."
Oct 25
"We will be opening "Nintendo Village" on November 8th.
In "Nintendo Village" you can check out a village that has a Nintendo like design to it and snag some patterns related to Nintendo characters, so come pay us a visit"
Oct 25 
"You can get a DJ K.K Live T-Shirt through 'Nintendo Village' or the QR code on the Official home page. Please go and enjoy a K.K. performance in Club 444 while wearing this shirt."
Oct 25
"On November 8th we will be giving out a new brand based on Gracie, called "GracieGrace," which will be a complete outfit for the 3DS game, 'GIRLS MODE'"
Oct 25 
"I just saw a shooting star!
And of course I made a wish~!
~I wish everyone has a good dream tonight~"

Oct 26
"Good morning, everyooone!
Did you have a good dream last night?!
By the way, this morning I got a letter and present from Wishy the Star~
I wonder if it's because I made a wish?"

Oct 26
"Speaking of dreams, recently the Relaxation Salon has been a hot topic. There you can have dreams of many different villages.
It's not just about having dreams but you can also have others dream of your village too!
I gotta talk with the new mayor when they get here!"

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