Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 15th-24th

Oct 15th 
"Everyooone! How was your weekend? We had a fishing tournament here in our village on Saturday.
Fishing tournament take place every month from January to May and from October to December!
You can win a prize if you snag a large fish, so everyone should go and enter a tournament too!"
 Oct 15th 
"Nadia, one of the villagers who just moved in, is a kind of like a reliable older sister.
So much so that not long after she moved here, that adult-like Brenda came to her with her problems seeking advice.
The guys in the village love her too, calling her 'Sis! (Aneki)'"
Oct 16th 
"Hello everyooone!
This morning I saw someone digging for fossils! Fossils can be checked at the museum.
You can donate them right there or sell them to a shop, it really depends on the person, but something that's been popular recently is gathering dinosaur fossils and having them remade into miniature figures"
Oct 16th 
"E-everyoooone!! I have some big news!
Someone just found an emerald a little bit ago!! Even have a picture to prove it!
To think there weren't just fossils buried but minerals as well...The village is still full of wonders!"
Oct 17th 
"Good morning everyooone!
This morning I did quite a bit of walking, so I thought about getting a fortune cookie at Mametsubu's shop but another customer had already beaten me to it! Fortune cookies are a really popular item~!"
Oct 17th 
"By the way, you can buy fortune cookies for 2 3DS game coins!
Snacks after a workout are the best!
You can also trade the fortunes inside for rare items so they are really quite a deal."
Oct 18th 
"Hello everyooone!
Right now I'm taking a little break and drinking some coffee I ordered to go from the Cafe!
The coffee today's part-timer made was just how I like it, it was so good!"
Oct 19th 
"Everyoooone! This week went by so fast.
Today I saw this tent in town square. I see it every now and then but I wonder what goes on inside...I'll go take a quick peek."
Oct 19th 
"Inside was a shop called "Fox Gallery," that sells famous paintings and sculptures. It seems the shop owner, Tsunekichi, doesn't have a set schedule for when he opens shop, so if you happen to see him, don't forget to stop in. But there's also rumors about counterfeit pieces being sold in there as well, so make sure you really look over a piece before you buy."
Oct 22st
"Everyoooone! Let's give it our all this week!
Ah that's right, yesterday the turnip seller Joan was here.
Turnip prices change everyday so you can make quite a profit if you sell them when their worth is higher than when you bought them.
The price of one turnip was 93 bells, what will it be this week?!"
Oct 22nd 
"I just saw the famous designer Gracie!
Recently she's been expanding more and more, like by opening boutiques in department stores~!
I hope that she will open a shop when our village gets a department store~ "
Oct 23rd
"Good morning everyooone!
This morning some fruit arrived from my mom back home.
All fruits are delicious but fruits local to the village are the only ones that will sometimes grow to be extra delicious.
They look a little different as well so try looking for some!"
 Oct 23
"I went to the post office to send a letter to my mom to thank her for the fruit.
Pelly used to work at city hall but left just before I started, so we've never worked together.
She always carries out her job energetically and with a smile.
I wish I was more like her!"
Oct 24th
"Good morning everyoooone! This morning there was a sailor who had collapsed on the beach...
They lost their memory due to shock and forgot where they were headed, but with the help of a kind stranger, they managed to remember. Thank goodness!"
 Oct 24th
"Turnip prices this afternoon were at 144 bells!
The villagers are getting antsy, thinking the price might go up even more around tomorrow morning...!"

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