Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 5th to October 12th

Oct 5
"Nice to meet you everyooone!
My name is Shizue! I'll be introducing a bit of this and that for AC:NL.
I'll try my best to convey to those thinking of moving to our village the tons of pleasures village life can bring. "
Oct 5
"Right now our village doesn't have a mayor, but we plan on having one come soon! I can't wait to meet them.
On a side note, our previous Mayor, Kotobuki, is living a pretty easy life now on the south island working as a tour guide.  I want to go on a vacation too~!"
Oct 9
"Everyooone! How was you're 3 day weekend?
I took a little day trip to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery .
Taking 3D pictures with the 3DS camera is popular right now in the village.
You should all snap a bunch of pictures of village scenery too"

Oct 9
"Today I ordered a seedling for the village symbol tree to in the village plaza from Lazy in the garden shop!
While I was telling him my order, he looked like he was about to fall asleep...Is he gonna be OK?!"

Oct 10
"Good morning, everyooone! This morning when I was walking on the beach, I saw someone diving!
They dove like a pro and snagged a delicious looking oyster! They also looked great in their wet suit they bought on the island."
Oct 10
"I bought some candy in preparation for Halloween!
I went in the store all pumped and said, "Mamekichi! I would like some candy please!"
but then he told me, "I'm Tsubukichi!"...
I'm a twin too, but unlike us, it is really hard to tell them apart..."

Oct 11 
"Good morning everyooone!
When mid October comes around it really gets chilly in the morning and at night!
I wonder if I should go to the tailors to check out some winter clothes
Long sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves, one piece dresses, skirts, shorts, pants...
Really looking forward to dressing up to match the seasons"
Oct 11 
"During my lunch break I went to the tailors looking for some winter clothes.
Found some amazing pants, tried them on and wore them home, forgetting I was only on my lunch break...
Ended up having to go back to city hall and change."
Oct 12th 
"Everyoooone! It's the weekend now, do you have any plans? I'm going to eat dinner with my younger twin brother Kent tonight. Kent works at the Housing Display area! there you can check out the model houses you've collected from streetpassing people, so I can't wait till I streetpass someone too!"
Oct 12th 
"Kent sent me a picture of inside the housing display area so everyone could see. You can not only check out the model homes inside but order the furniture you like right there. Hope for your support for 'Happy Homes Expo Center'"

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